iphone 4Hey guys, just a quick little post about some awesome 3g and 3gs jailbreak sites I found and tested. It can be pretty testing to find good information about Jailbreaking 3g and 3gs iPhones. There’s a lot of information out there, and it is confusing a lot of the times. Hard to know which ones work and which didn’t – so I compiled a list with the “best of”!

All the following programs will allow you to jailbreak your iPhone 3g or iPhone 3Gs automatically. They’re always maintained so they are up to date with the latest iOS and baseband and will work to jailbreak all iDevices – iPads, iPod Touch and Apple TV from all generations.

Why use one of these rather than do it yourself? Well, I was pretty worried about bricking my phone and the whole process being really difficult. Back in the day I tried to do it myself and messed it up. When jailbreaking by yourself, you also risk erasing your phone books and texts (again, that happened to me). Not worth the risks! Luckily, the solutions are super easy and very safe to use. I’ll leave the hacking up to the hackers – when I want to Jailbreak my phone, I want the easiest, most painless jailbreak around. With all the following you just plug the phone in, follow the guide (step after step with illustrations and screenshots) press the “GO” button and it does it all for you. Awesome!

Here are the best out there, starting from my absolute favorite:


1) iJailbreak Pro (9.5/10)

I love these guys. Their solution is just excellent – must see it to believe it. The guys that run that site are so helpful and will even advise you on which are the best jailbreak tweaks and apps that are out there. I really wanted to make my 3gs a wifi hotspot and tether my iPad, they had the solution. I wanted to change the look of my icons, one quick email and a solution was in my inbox an hour later. I’ve even got Pacman as my carrier logo now!

The software itself is great to use and very simple for a non-techie like me. I’ve used their software now to jailbreak an iPhone 3G, 2 iPhone 3Gs, my own iPad 2 and my girlfriend’s iPhone4. All very quickly and without issue. The whole process takes about 5 minutes from start to finish! Download, press a button and the phone reboots with a full jailbreak in place to download free apps from the app store, themes and a heap of really cool tweaks.

They even managed to unlock my 3gs, which was a really great bonus. Now whenever I travel I can use a local sim card and save hundreds in roaming fees. The other jailbreaks didn’t do that. They really are the one-stop shop.

Payments are all done with a safe payment gateway. You can even use Paypal, which I use for all of my online purchases. Their pricing is spot on and if unsatisfied, they will even give you your money back, no questions asked. Top service!

I give them a 9.5/10 – Checkout their site here.


2) Jailbreak Unlock (7/10)

I bought through these guys before finding iJailbreak Pro. Yes, it works but in my experience the support isn’t quite as good and the software was a little tricky to use. It took me much longer to jailbreak my phone, about 15 minutes.

You’ll get answers to your emails, but they generally take longer than 24 hours, which is frustrating when you’re at the computer and ready to go!

All in all, if iJailbreak Pro is down for whatever reason, they are a satisfactory substitute. The software is decent and it did work without bricking my phone.

I’ll give them a 7/10. Check out their site here.


3) iJailbreakTool (5/10) – UPDATE: iJailbreakTool is out of business and not selling anymore!

Their jailbreak works fine, but it’s a little bit clunky and support is just non-existent. There’s a lot of fake jailbreaks out there and thankfully this isn’t one, but it’s far from the best.

It took me about 30 minutes to jailbreak my phone with their software and had a couple of touch and go moments, but in the end it turned out alright. Their instructions were quite hard to follow and involved some pretty techie stuff. With a few tries, it did work though, so I have to give them a little bit of credit.

I’ll give them a 5/10


Hope that helps you guys out! I know I was confused at first but the guys at Unlock Easily really set me straight and helped me out a great deal. Enjoy your newly pimped out phone!

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There is a variety of smart phone programs. Many of these are useful and intriguing. Cell phone tracking program is one of many best sellers one of the mobile software. It’s hard to trust people around you these times. That is the reason why there’s an enormous need for software to track cell phone activity. You should read reviews that are comprehensive on several phone monitoring software programs if you’re interested in purchasing a software to spy on a cell phone. Here is a critique of RioSpy mobile phone spy applications.

Why Do You Want RioSpy Mobile Phone Spy Software?

There are individuals who say that you do not need a cell phone spy software device in case you and people talk freely and get your doubts cleared. This is not completely true because you can’t expect everyone to give replies that are honest. There are a number of scenarios where you need mobile monitoring software app that is nice and reputable. Do you know the scenarios in which you require RioSpy Spy software?

1. Parents are not certain regarding the children’s location. They’re concerned about peer pressure, threat of influence of internet etc. and their kids being stalked Purchasing an expensive surveillance gear or getting the assistance of a detective can burn holes in your pockets. Using RioSpy cell telephone spy software program puts an end to your own worries and concerns.

2. Employers are uncertain if the company phones are being used by their employees for their personal use or for the office use also. They’re also not certain if their workers are leaking business secrets. RioSpy mobile software download free aids in tracking the telephone numbers of the employees.

3. Partners are true or uncertain if their companions are cheating. To find a cheating partner you might be in need of RioSpy program.

Do you know the Characteristics That aid In undercover work?

Tracking full text of all messages sent and received via text messaging, e-mail, WhatsApp, iMessage and programs that were chatting that were free. This consists of deleted messages also.
Recording of calls of interception and calls. Reporting of outgoing and incoming calls.
Logging of videos and all photographs taken in the phone.
Viewing the websites seen.
Knowing immediately and viewing buddy list the modifications produced to contact list.

How Does These Characteristics Help YOU?
Software for spying on cell phonesAs a parent you are able to understand where your kid is as opposed to what she or he informed you. You can learn about their new friends. It’s possible for you to know what photographs movies they and they shoot document. You can know if he or she gets any improper text messages.

As an employer it is possible to know your employee’s location. He cannot cheat you anymore that he is got in a traffic jam and that is why he is not early. The RioSpy GPS tracking attribute and environment tracking characteristic allow you to in this.

As a wife you can understand if your husband is cheating on you and vice versa. It’s possible for you to catch married man or your wife red handed.

Without installing software to spy cell phone is neither easy nor successful.

How to spy someone isn’t a question anymore because the apparent solution is previously here.
Is RioSpy the only real option for spying some one? The reply is an absolute NO. RioSpy is certainly one of the applications for undercover work on cellular phones but not the only one. There are other options like Spybubble standard version Highster Mobile and Spybubble PRO English version, SpyEra, eBlast StealthGenie Mobile Spy, FlexiSpy, mSpy and lots more.

Without question, RioSpy cell phone spy software program is a good product and one of the most effective available on the market these days. RioSpy program is one of the four top greatest software for spying on cell phones entirely undetected that people advocate with this smartphone spy programs reviews website.

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Beauty comes when we decide to look for it. And it’s true that no matter how many new things are discovered and came to replace the old ones – it’s simply irresistible to forget the ones that astonished you the first time around. Comparing matured to a blooming flower; it too is true with our devices which many might think to be useless. Looking at the positive aspect of things, you will be astonished how easy and wonderful old things can do – everything comes back to life, like the first time you set your eyes on them.

Even when iPhone 3GS was finally retired by Apple, this once flagship phone that destroyed numbers in terms of sales – it is still alive and kicking. And even while it is no longer eligible to upgrade to the latest Apple mobile operating system, the iOS 7, it can still access the App Store which is the source of apps, themes, and extensions for Apple devices, as well as iTunes and other Apple-affiliated download sources.

Clearly, Apple has not completely abandoned its old devices such as the iPhone 3GS.  They just deemed it no longer feasible for the said device to upgrade as the phone’s hardware might not be able to cope with the higher system requirements needed to run the operating system properly.

Unlike the other older devices, iPhone 3GS is not that too far in terms of other hardware capabilities – in fact, most of the features and functionalities on the newer iPhones are just an upgrade of what is part of the former. Even the unmatched Siri started with iPhone 3GS, with its own voice recognition system that started it all. Apple also started to make their phones even faster with always twice as fast when creating a new device to replace the old ones.

The iPhone 3GS was one of the first that started the era of completely detaching from its old self – higher processor, larger memory, bigger screen display, among others. Multitasking was also introduced to make easy transition from one app to another.

And since iPhone 3GS was supported by the previous operating system, the iOS 6 (version 6.1.4 was the latest), we are assured that all features will work properly and with most bugs fixed with the latest iOS version.

Understanding how one’s device to work properly is one thing – making it more fun, enjoyable and giving its second wind is another thing. How? While system support has been stopped for this once frontrunner phone, it can still regain its once glorious days thru jailbreaking. By jailbreaking not only iPhone 3GS but almost all Apple devices – it is given with many gifts like adaptability, expanding the horizon, reaching the sky with its magnificent new offers for apps, themes and extensions.

Once locked with the old Apple environment, supported iPhones by iOS 7 enjoys new environment with the latest graphical user interface it brings – this has been an old tale in terms of jailbreaking. While Apple’s think tanks are still on their drawing board trying to test the things their phones can do, jailbreaking already exposed iPhone owners and other devices of the possibilities and horizons that it can carry.

So in case you want to make more out of your phone – simply try jailbreaking.

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Did you know that iPhone 3GS can be on standby mode up to 12 days without charging? That being said, iPhone 3GS’ battery life is longer than that of the latest iPhone models, which ranges between 200 to 250 hours only. This is mainly due to running applications at the background, now that the phones are made smarter.

Apparently, with the continuing search for answers – Apple may have finally been able to extend that time line with the introduction of M7 co-processor which was designed to help improve battery life by taking over motion-related tasks from the main processor, the A7 available only for iPhone 5S.

Did you know that iPhone 3GS carries a voice control feature that was to become the foundation of Siri – one of iPhone’s main attraction – but was only introduced after two years later with iPhone 4S – ‘S’ which means ‘Siri’?

Did you know that iPhone 3GS still carries the old Mini-SIM? And it was the last model to carry this old type of SIM as iPhone 4 has the micro-SIM while nano-SIM was introduced with the launch of iPhone 5, which was also when iPhone 3GS was retired from the market.

Did you know that ‘S’ in iPhone 3GS represents ‘Speed’? Twice as fast, twice as good, twice the performance – talking about speed.

Did you know that Apple always uses the progression of multiplying by twos when releasing new iPhones? This is especially true in regards to iPhone’s Memory wherein the new device carries twice the amount as that of the previous.

Did you know that Apple has a very unusual tradition of maintaining only three (3) devices per brand which is why iPhone 3GS was eliminated from the list after the release of iPhone 5, completing a new line up with iPhone 4 and 4S? Still following the same trend, Apple currently have iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on its fold, eliminating iPhone 5 who made iPhone 3GS unavailable.

Did you know that iPhone 3GS is no longer being supported by Apple, iOS-wise? With the recent mobile operating system, the iOS 7, being made available for newer devices only, Apple decided that it is high time for iPhone 3GS to go. But not quite – iPhone 3GS is still alive and kicking after jailbreak, even getting the new iOS 7 look with new apps, themes and extensions that can change the phone’s look and feel.

Did you know features, filters and other functionalities in the Camera App of iPhones started to evolve in iPhone 3GS. From having a basic 2MP used to take still photos, iPhone started recording videos at 30 fps VGA (480p), 3 MP photos that now has a macro focus function.

Did you know that iPhone 3GS does not have a front camera? Apple decided to integrate this hardware only after iPhone 3GS – in iPhone 4, which has a VGA quality for photos (0.3 MP) and videos (30 fps).

Did you know that iPhone started using Cirrus Logic Audio codec in iPhone 3GS up until the latest model? Previously working with Wolfson Microelectronics, Apple decided to drop this codec after realizing that many users are looking to have a music phone and that the latest audio codec seems to be the most compatible on iPhones.

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Now that Apple officially dropped the iPhone 3GS from the line of supported devices for the new operating system, the iOS version 7, it can no longer be able to avail the new look and feel that this brought to the supported devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Short and simple, it’s stuck with what it has now – the old features and functionalities made available with its current compatible iOS version, iOS 6.1.4. And so, what might be the next possible step to make this once wonderful phone keep up with the trends? The answer – jailbreak the phone.

Although jailbreaking has been available for quite some time now, many iPhone 3GS users still opted to stay with what Apple offers. Why? At one point, Apple declared that by jailbreaking the device, they will no longer honor the warranty, deeming it automatically void. This is in direct violation of the rules under warranty as there is no hardware altered during the process aside from the tweak made on the root system of the operating system which allows iPhone 3GS to came in contact with other sources of apps, themes and extensions like the alternative apps store Cydia.

Anyway, since the manufacture and distribution of iPhone 3GS has been stopped after the release of iPhone 5 September of last year (2012), and that the latest iOS version 7.0 does not have any support to this phone, some are already thinking of jailbreaking it. Good choice, indeed! Aside from having new applications that are not available in App Store, there are other options that will make iPhone 3GS comparable to the latest iOS version – without making the hardware suffer as what iPhone 4 owners reportedly experiencing after the upgrade to the new operating system.

Simply put, jailbreak offers alternative look and feel on the phone aside that is not possible while connected to Apple network alone. In fact, features and functionalities that once unavailable to iPhones, even to the newer ones, were made available after jailbreak. Such of these is the Control Center, multitasking, folder creation, changing icons among other things, which just recently, Apple decided to integrate with iOS 7.

Another fact is that iPhone 3GS owners experiencing bugs reported to have found tweaks and answers in applications they were able to download via Cydia, making it an instant answer to fixes previously unanswered by updates released by Apple.

And even while the phone is jailbroken, access to Apple stores like iTunes and App Store is still available, owners can still make the most out of what Apple might still offer.

Currently, jailbreak to iOS is only available up until iOS 6.1.3. But just recently, words came out that works are currently on the process in developing jailbreak for iOS 6.1.4 and will soon be made available. In fact, the jailbreak for iOS 6.1.4 might come earlier than that of iOS 7 which has been said to be on its initial stage of planning as of this writing.

Therefore, those iPhone 3GS users who are currently stuck on iOS 6.1.4 (Apple just recently removed the option to downgrade to older iOS version) will soon find its way to Cydia and be able to make their modifications on the look and feel of the phone.

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The lifespan of gadgets and technological devices is short. One might be the talk of the town today but will soon be forgotten once newer models arrive. Much like what happens to our old, reliable phones, we do not know when the axe will fall.

There are lots of reasons why we let go our phones. Of course, if the phone gets damaged to a point that it is no longer repairable, we have no choice but to replace it. No matter how lovely your phone is, if it’s a hardware issue, it’s next to junk. Secondary to that is system failure which most likely can be fixed by resetting the phone to its factory default settings.

Most phones which settings can be reset are dependent on one thing – the phone’s operating system. It holds the decision whether the phone can still be fixed or not. Most of the time, the OS can easily fix the phone. The only thing the owner needs to do is to get a clean copy of the installer of the phone, install it on a computer and plug the phone to the latter and in a matter of minutes, the phone is back on its best condition. But why do we say ‘most of the time’? Is there any incident when resetting the phone to its factory default will not work?

There are two explanations to these questions. First, since not all fixes are known to the system, then there’s a slim chance it cannot be fixed. This is the same reason why the phone stopped working in the first place. There are lots of documented reports that support this claim.

Some even try to vent their anger to the phone’s manufacturer in not being able to anticipate these incidents. Some drops this idea as they feel they are the one who led to this event by installing features and applications which could have been the reason the phone was exposed to harm.

The second reason, however, is more of having the phone being deemed too old to be supported by its manufacturer. Fair? Many think it’s not. But that’s the standard being followed nowadays. Manufacturers pull out their support to older devices after learning that they will be on the losing end, investing on things that will not generate income.

The same reason goes out to the case of iPhone 3GS. Last year, manufacture of the phone was stopped after Apple released iPhone 5 – one of the leading and the best phones ever created – as how they marketed. This year, after the latest iPhones – iPhone 5S and 5C – were released, Apple decided not to include iPhone 3GS on the supported devices for the latest operating system – iOS 7. Thus, Apple completely retired iPhone 3GS.

But not to worry, iPhone 3GS owners, as the latest jailbreak tool is now coming. Considered as the biggest jailbreak tool ever created – many sees this as the savior of old Apple devices, not only for iPhone 3GS but for other Apple devices which was support by previous iOS versions. So, hold on to your iPhone 3GS, you might never know what the new jailbreak tool might bring to your old, reliable phone.

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Everybody is awed by the beauty and efficiency of the iPhone 5S – elegant, fashionable, not to mention powerful. Another iPhone released alongside iPhone 5S – the iPhone 5C – gives people a chance to experience iPhone 5 with all the corrected hardware, at a lesser cost. These two are the talk of the town, the number one choices of people today. No wonder the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C will break records.

But while people are now enjoying these new phones, do not forget that there are phones that are left out and placed on the retirement basement, especially after the new mobile operating system has been released.

The iPhone 3GS, once the talk of the town has officially been retired. Since last year, manufacture of iPhone 3GS was stopped after the iPhone 5 has been released. Last September, when the latest iOS 7 was released, iPhone 3GS was left out from the list of supported devices. And now it’s officially over after Apple decided to remove ability to install older versions in iTunes, effectively eliminating the process of reinstalling supported iOS versions in case there is a need to.

It should not have been the case since this phone still serves purpose especially for people who cannot afford getting newer and better iPhones. Sure enough, iPhone 3GS owners are now more careful in handling their phone since they no longer have the ability to restore it to its factory default once the software acts up.

The only solution now for iPhone 3GS owners to enjoy and maximize their phone’s life is by having it jailbroken and stay with it. While it has not been officially announced, some says that the latest iOS jailbreak to be released soon contain a restore version that will allow older iPhones to install and/or downgrade to older iOS. If this rumor is true, then the more reason for iPhone 3GS users to jailbreak their phone.

While it has limited integrated features, it has lots of apps that can be downloaded in Cydia – the alternate App Store. And compared to older Smartphones, iPhone 3GS contains better technology and far advance hardware that it can live for another three to five years more, intact. While few reported having issues with iPhone 3GS, many who owns this phone can prove otherwise.

The iPhone 3S has been reported to have been the most consistent phone in terms of features integrated. Functionalities of features work properly and the features designed for it were all working. The fact that Apple let iPhone 3GS be available for 3 years is enough proof that this was a trusted lieutenant.

And the reception from phone owners as well as Apple device reviewers is mostly positive. The iPhone 3GS still holds the highest rated review by far compared to other iPhones. This means owners and phone reviewers mostly accepted and liked this phone. And it’s really not that hard to learn iPhone 3GS, being one of the most basic yet powerful phone that Apple has designed.

That being said, the iPhone 3GS can be considered to be one of the most durable and trustworthy iphones ever made.

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Sad news for iPhone 3GS owners – Apple is no longer supporting this phone. Considered as the best phone during its time, iPhone 3GS will no longer be receiving any updates for new operating systems to come. Production for iPhone 3GS has been stopped since iPhone 5 has been released the last quarter of last year. The new mobile operating system iOS 7 is no longer covering iPhone 3GS. Therefore, this phone will be stuck forever running on iOS 6.1.x. But guess what? Apple recently removed the iOS version 6.1.x in iTunes, effectively removing any support from Apple for iPhone 3GS.

Question: So what if I encounter issues with iPhone 3GS?

If your phone encountered hardware issues, you may still be able to have it checked with any service center affiliated with Apple provided you still have warranty. But then if you encounter software issues and needed to have it restored to its factory default, then accept worst scenario – that the phone might not be able to be restored to working condition.


Because performing factory default reset needs assistance from iTunes, but since iTunes no longer has the necessary operating system of your phone, then it’s a dead point. You might want to consider trying to visit a service center as well to check whether they can perform a reset on older iOS.

Existing Support from Apple

Apple said that existing features, functions and connection to App Store are still available so there’s no need to worry. Good enough? Of course Apple will not stop supporting older devices, especially when it is an income generating process. But what Apple would like to point out is that since all features and functionalities of iPhone 3GS is already covered in the previous iOS, there is no need to include it in later iOS developments. But are all bugs previously experienced by iPhone 3GS users already fixed in iOS 6.1.3 and/or iOS 6.1.4?

Many viewed this as a way for Apple to save money in reducing financial activities on things that they could not generate income. Clearly, this cost-cutting move by Apple is one-sided. And aside from this non-support from Apple, app developers are slowly moving away from older devices, making new apps only on the latest technology that of course will generate income for them, though we cannot blame them since they just develop apps for consumers and not for Apple.


Since no more apps are designed for iPhone 3GS and who knows, app developers might be pulling out their apps in App Store, what will be the next big step to do? For most people, jailbreak is the best solution. Remember, Cydia offers more apps, themes and extensions compared to App Store. With Cydia still much available for older devices that Apple is no longer supporting, life for the 3gs goes on.

By jailbreaking iPhone 3GS, one is able to explore boundaries that Apple has restricted. Owners will be able to personalize their phone, and can even try to mimic the look and feel of iOS 7. No wonder, having an iPhone 3GS is not really a dud. Try and create the next best thing out of it – thru jailbreaking.

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