Can you Still Salvage the iPhone 3GS?

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Everybody is awed by the beauty and efficiency of the iPhone 5S – elegant, fashionable, not to mention powerful. Another iPhone released alongside iPhone 5S – the iPhone 5C – gives people a chance to experience iPhone 5 with all the corrected hardware, at a lesser cost. These two are the talk of the town, the number one choices of people today. No wonder the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C will break records.

But while people are now enjoying these new phones, do not forget that there are phones that are left out and placed on the retirement basement, especially after the new mobile operating system has been released.

The iPhone 3GS, once the talk of the town has officially been retired. Since last year, manufacture of iPhone 3GS was stopped after the iPhone 5 has been released. Last September, when the latest iOS 7 was released, iPhone 3GS was left out from the list of supported devices. And now it’s officially over after Apple decided to remove ability to install older versions in iTunes, effectively eliminating the process of reinstalling supported iOS versions in case there is a need to.

It should not have been the case since this phone still serves purpose especially for people who cannot afford getting newer and better iPhones. Sure enough, iPhone 3GS owners are now more careful in handling their phone since they no longer have the ability to restore it to its factory default once the software acts up.

The only solution now for iPhone 3GS owners to enjoy and maximize their phone’s life is by having it jailbroken and stay with it. While it has not been officially announced, some says that the latest iOS jailbreak to be released soon contain a restore version that will allow older iPhones to install and/or downgrade to older iOS. If this rumor is true, then the more reason for iPhone 3GS users to jailbreak their phone.

While it has limited integrated features, it has lots of apps that can be downloaded in Cydia – the alternate App Store. And compared to older Smartphones, iPhone 3GS contains better technology and far advance hardware that it can live for another three to five years more, intact. While few reported having issues with iPhone 3GS, many who owns this phone can prove otherwise.

The iPhone 3S has been reported to have been the most consistent phone in terms of features integrated. Functionalities of features work properly and the features designed for it were all working. The fact that Apple let iPhone 3GS be available for 3 years is enough proof that this was a trusted lieutenant.

And the reception from phone owners as well as Apple device reviewers is mostly positive. The iPhone 3GS still holds the highest rated review by far compared to other iPhones. This means owners and phone reviewers mostly accepted and liked this phone. And it’s really not that hard to learn iPhone 3GS, being one of the most basic yet powerful phone that Apple has designed.

That being said, the iPhone 3GS can be considered to be one of the most durable and trustworthy iphones ever made.

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