Great Reasons to Hold on to your iPhone 3GS

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The lifespan of gadgets and technological devices is short. One might be the talk of the town today but will soon be forgotten once newer models arrive. Much like what happens to our old, reliable phones, we do not know when the axe will fall.

There are lots of reasons why we let go our phones. Of course, if the phone gets damaged to a point that it is no longer repairable, we have no choice but to replace it. No matter how lovely your phone is, if it’s a hardware issue, it’s next to junk. Secondary to that is system failure which most likely can be fixed by resetting the phone to its factory default settings.

Most phones which settings can be reset are dependent on one thing – the phone’s operating system. It holds the decision whether the phone can still be fixed or not. Most of the time, the OS can easily fix the phone. The only thing the owner needs to do is to get a clean copy of the installer of the phone, install it on a computer and plug the phone to the latter and in a matter of minutes, the phone is back on its best condition. But why do we say ‘most of the time’? Is there any incident when resetting the phone to its factory default will not work?

There are two explanations to these questions. First, since not all fixes are known to the system, then there’s a slim chance it cannot be fixed. This is the same reason why the phone stopped working in the first place. There are lots of documented reports that support this claim.

Some even try to vent their anger to the phone’s manufacturer in not being able to anticipate these incidents. Some drops this idea as they feel they are the one who led to this event by installing features and applications which could have been the reason the phone was exposed to harm.

The second reason, however, is more of having the phone being deemed too old to be supported by its manufacturer. Fair? Many think it’s not. But that’s the standard being followed nowadays. Manufacturers pull out their support to older devices after learning that they will be on the losing end, investing on things that will not generate income.

The same reason goes out to the case of iPhone 3GS. Last year, manufacture of the phone was stopped after Apple released iPhone 5 – one of the leading and the best phones ever created – as how they marketed. This year, after the latest iPhones – iPhone 5S and 5C – were released, Apple decided not to include iPhone 3GS on the supported devices for the latest operating system – iOS 7. Thus, Apple completely retired iPhone 3GS.

But not to worry, iPhone 3GS owners, as the latest jailbreak tool is now coming. Considered as the biggest jailbreak tool ever created – many sees this as the savior of old Apple devices, not only for iPhone 3GS but for other Apple devices which was support by previous iOS versions. So, hold on to your iPhone 3GS, you might never know what the new jailbreak tool might bring to your old, reliable phone.

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