iPhone 3g/3gs Jailbreak Truths and Myths

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One of the reasons why the iPhone 3g/3gs was so popular, as well as so successful, was because of how advanced the hardware and software was. Many people within the tech industry noted this as soon as the phone was announced – they instantly saw the potential that the phone could bring. One way this potential was used and brought to fruition was the iPhone 3g/3gs jailbreak. The jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs is a simple idea in nature. It essence, it allows users to bypass all of Apples protocol, such as security measures and technical limitations, and allows the full potential of the product to be used. Learning how to jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs is one of the best decisions an iPhone user can make.

Since the process behind learning to jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs is based on people sitting at home from their computers away from the fancy desks and high-profile jobs with Apple, many myths have been formulated about the jailbreaking process. These myths come from both Apple, as they try and sway people that jailbreaking is a bad idea, as well from uneducated people who, for better or worse, seriously believe some of the myths which circulate. The best advice that can be given before deciding how to jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs is to learn as much as possible about the process before choosing whether it’s a good idea or bad idea. By weighing the pros and cons, as well as understanding what is truth and what’s myth, your choice will be a more informed one and, thus, a better one.

IPhone 3g/3gs Jailbreak Will Cause Bricking: The term bricking is another one of the words created by the mobile phone industry. Bricking is essentially another word for disabled, and can happen for a number of reasons. It is true that, yes, sometimes a iPhone that has been jailbroken will become bricked in the process. However, and this is important, this only occurs if the jailbreaking process is not done correctly. For example, often when a person decides to jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs they do it in haste without taking all the necessary precautions. If, for instance, the firmware on the iPhone doesn’t match up with the firmware with the jailbreak software then the iPhone has the possibility of becoming disabled – or ‘bricked’. The best way to avoid this is to make sure the jailbreak software used is of the highest quality (because of it is then the iPhone will not be disabled in the jailbreaking process).

Jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs is Illegal: Contrary to popular belief learning how to jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs is not illegal. This is one of the bigger myths surrounding the jailbreak method, which is likely because it’s been spread by Apple employees (This makes sense. Why would they encourage a user to jailbreak a phone when they could lose money in the process?). In actuality, however, it’s 100 percent legal. In fact, it’s even gone through federal court and has been passed over as a non-issue. Because of this, it’s likely that the iPhone 3g/3gs will remain legal for years to come

Warranty Void: One myth that is circulating about the iPhone 3g/3gs jailbreak is jailbreaking the iPhone will make the warranty void. Unfortunately, this is a myth which is somewhat true. However, it’s also something which can be avoided completely. True, if you take your iPhone 3g/3gs jailbreak to Apple, they’ll instantly tell you that by jailbreaking the phone the warranty has become void (It’s company policy). However, there are ways to restore an iPhone to its natural firmware and software and, thus, trick Apple employees into thinking the phone was never jailbroken at all. The internet is full of these different methods – all of which should be studied carefully – but, all in all, the idea behind the warranty void is a truth that can easily be made into a myth.

IPhone 3g/3gs Jailbreak Will Give Access To Hackers: One of the biggest fears people have when it comes to jailbreaking their phone is that by doing so they’ll be giving access to the thousands of hackers which populate the globe. This fear, luckily, is one of the bigger myths surrounding the jailbreaking process; however, there is some truth to it. Like the myth on the iPhone becoming ‘bricked’, if a jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs is not done properly then it may result in security breaches within the system. This can happen, for instance, if free jailbreaking software is used instead of premium software. When jailbreaking an iPhone, the security protocols installed by Apple have to be removed – this is inevitable. If free software is used, sometimes new protocols won’t be put back into place and the iPhone will become vulnerable to hacking threats. With premium jailbreaking software, new security measures are installed and will leave the iPhone complete safe from any outside forces.

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