IPhone 3GS Apps and Accessories of the Week (July 2-8, 2012)

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This week saw the American celebration of Independence Day on July 4, 2012. I mentioned in an iPhone 4s unlock blog post that there were several July 4 iPhone covers, with some ranging in price from $40-$50. You may not want to spend your money all in one place as those covers require—but maybe you do.


I am back today to discuss the top applications and iPhone accessories of the week, the items that you will want to purchase by the end of this post. If you are ready for some mouth-watering iPhone paraphernalia to drool over, sit down and read this post.


Apple saw some apps become available in its App Store this week, while others are soon to arrive in the near future. TripList, an iOS app developed by Ryan Hartman, comes as a free application that allows you to sample the app before you make the purchase: one free trip and twenty five items on your “Packing List” are the limit of what the free app provides. TripList allows you to remember what you need to pack, and allows you to schedule your trips in advance. You can import trips from TripIt if you have login information, but the TripList app lets you set down your vacations, whether for business or leisure pursuits. This is a beneficial app for working-class individuals, particularly corporate employees, CEOs, and business owners who are traveling from one state or country to another. The app costs $1.99 at the App Store.


TinkerLearn is an app invented for Apple’s own developers, or aspiring developers who struggle daily with nailing down the details of their applications. If you are someone who may be interested in developing iOS applications but have little experience, you may want to purchase TinkerLearn. The app is developed by Mysterious Trousers and helps developers learn what code is and how they can perform code to craft their applications. The app is rumored to require pay for the coding lessons the application gives in its instruction toward the iOS developer. These lesson plans can cost anywhere from $1.99 to $5.99 at the App Store.



Cult of Mac provides some advice about how to use apps that have already been displayed at the App Store. Launch Center Pro has been around for some time, but it can help you launch other applications such as email, notes, reminders, and other tasks. You can use Launch Center to open and operate OmniFocus, an app that allows you to add tasks and write notes about those tasks (such as, “conference on the week of January 10-17,” for example). Both applications are meant to make life more convenient when it comes to organization and life tasks. The Launch Center Pro app can be purchased for the iPhone (including the iPhone 3GS) at the App Store. If you did not know this, now you do!


Two new iPhone covers were unveiled this week in addition to the environmentally-friendly, American independence, and Spiderman collection covers: 1) the Viper Pro Stealth and 2) the Rosewood.


The Viper Pro Stealth 2 iPhone Case is a protective smartphone cover made of aluminum to prevent bumps, falls, and other impacts from scratching or damaging the smartphone in any way. Charlie Sorrel suggests that there is a double-case feature, but still thinks this is too protective and too much for its price ($160). If you paid $100 for your iPhone as an AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless customer, you will most likely pass on this as the right cover for your iPhone.


The next iPhone case that just may make you rethink your current cover is called the Rosewood. Rosewood is the company that produced the iPhone cover, but the name of the iPhone cover is “KillSpencer,” and the cover is ideal for consumers who want minimal “bulkiness” in their pockets, while having everything they need in one place at one time. The Rosewood will save time in grocery and retail stores, since consumers no longer need to look for their credit cards, debit cards, or gift cards. The Rosewood iPhone cover allows you to carry a little while carrying a lot on the go.


Have you ever thought about playing games on your iPhone but dislike the small display and space your hands are given for the effort? Worry no longer—the iCade mobile controller just made iPhone gaming a whole lot easier than before. The iCade controller is made for play on all three iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and costs $70 at ThinkGeek. The device will allow you to game comfortably on your iOS device, particularly the smaller ones (iPhone, iPod Touch). It fits better on the smaller devices but will also work with the iPad if you need to feel a game controller in your fingers in order to have the ultimate gaming experience.


This has been your iPhone 3GS jailbreak news for apps and accessories of the week. Stay tuned for more consumer products to come.

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