iPhone 3GS Fun Facts

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Did you know that iPhone 3GS can be on standby mode up to 12 days without charging? That being said, iPhone 3GS’ battery life is longer than that of the latest iPhone models, which ranges between 200 to 250 hours only. This is mainly due to running applications at the background, now that the phones are made smarter.

Apparently, with the continuing search for answers – Apple may have finally been able to extend that time line with the introduction of M7 co-processor which was designed to help improve battery life by taking over motion-related tasks from the main processor, the A7 available only for iPhone 5S.

Did you know that iPhone 3GS carries a voice control feature that was to become the foundation of Siri – one of iPhone’s main attraction – but was only introduced after two years later with iPhone 4S – ‘S’ which means ‘Siri’?

Did you know that iPhone 3GS still carries the old Mini-SIM? And it was the last model to carry this old type of SIM as iPhone 4 has the micro-SIM while nano-SIM was introduced with the launch of iPhone 5, which was also when iPhone 3GS was retired from the market.

Did you know that ‘S’ in iPhone 3GS represents ‘Speed’? Twice as fast, twice as good, twice the performance – talking about speed.

Did you know that Apple always uses the progression of multiplying by twos when releasing new iPhones? This is especially true in regards to iPhone’s Memory wherein the new device carries twice the amount as that of the previous.

Did you know that Apple has a very unusual tradition of maintaining only three (3) devices per brand which is why iPhone 3GS was eliminated from the list after the release of iPhone 5, completing a new line up with iPhone 4 and 4S? Still following the same trend, Apple currently have iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on its fold, eliminating iPhone 5 who made iPhone 3GS unavailable.

Did you know that iPhone 3GS is no longer being supported by Apple, iOS-wise? With the recent mobile operating system, the iOS 7, being made available for newer devices only, Apple decided that it is high time for iPhone 3GS to go. But not quite – iPhone 3GS is still alive and kicking after jailbreak, even getting the new iOS 7 look with new apps, themes and extensions that can change the phone’s look and feel.

Did you know features, filters and other functionalities in the Camera App of iPhones started to evolve in iPhone 3GS. From having a basic 2MP used to take still photos, iPhone started recording videos at 30 fps VGA (480p), 3 MP photos that now has a macro focus function.

Did you know that iPhone 3GS does not have a front camera? Apple decided to integrate this hardware only after iPhone 3GS – in iPhone 4, which has a VGA quality for photos (0.3 MP) and videos (30 fps).

Did you know that iPhone started using Cirrus Logic Audio codec in iPhone 3GS up until the latest model? Previously working with Wolfson Microelectronics, Apple decided to drop this codec after realizing that many users are looking to have a music phone and that the latest audio codec seems to be the most compatible on iPhones.

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