It’s Official: iPhone 3GS out in iOS 7

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It is final, Apple will no longer include iPhone 3GS on the supported devices for the upcoming mobile operating system, iOS 7. While Apple boasts about iOS 7 bringing the biggest change in its operating system since the introduction of iPhone in the market, evolution of technology still brings retirement of older stuffs that is deemed no longer healthy, financial-wise.

Apple also announced the retirement of iPhones 4 and 5 during its convention held in their Cupertino office last September 10th, which made their iPhone lineup to three. But unlike iPhone 3GS, those two retired iPhones will still be supported by iOS 7.

The iPhone 3GS currently holds the record for the longest lifespan on an iPhone manufactured by Apple, from June of 2009 up until it was retired September 2012, when iPhone 5 was released. Although a week after that, when iOS 6 was launched last September 19, 2012 via iTunes and over-the-air updates, it was learned that iPhone 3GS will still be supported by the said operating system, but then it will be limited to its hardware and functionalities.

Apps, themes and extensions were still created and developed by partner software companies intended for iPhone 3GS. However, together with the announcement that iPhone 3GS will no longer be considered with the new iOS 7 is the discontinuation of software compatible for the said device.

A fitting end for iPhone 3GS which has long-time been removed from the market.

Second Wind

But here’s the fun part: there is still life after retirement. Apple may no longer support iPhone 3GS but not the free market. Owners of iPhone 3GS, or people seeking to get a secondhand, used but still working iPhone or a pass on, they can still enjoy new apps, themes and extensions that is still being created for this device. Thru Cydia, which is the largest market for jailbroken devices, older iPhones will continue to bring enjoyment and entertainment to its users.

Hackers and programmers that developed jailbreaking tools for Apple devices guaranteed that iPhone 3GS will still be considered for jailbreaking. And it’s really good news after being booted from the line up of supported devices. Though it does not have the latest hardware and features, there are lots of ways to enjoy this phone, much like the same way when it was first offered in the market. And with tons of options to choose from, users will be able to find the app that suits their needs.

Most phone reviewers who kept an eye on iPhone devices only have praises for iPhone 3GS. Unlike its successors, it only received minimal negative reports that were experienced by few users. Stable, fast, and has a 32-GB storage capacity version, the 3GS was the runaway favorite during the time of its reign which up until now is still very usable, especially for people who just wants to listen to music and not much of a tech-savvy, heavy user kind.

So for those who still owns iPhone 3GS, you may want to join the growing list of people who resort to jailbreaking their old, reliable phone, which is now entering its fifth year.

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