Jailbreak: Free Your iPhones

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iPhone owners often look for ways how to jailbreak their iPhone 4. They also want to be sure of a safe jailbreak process in order to protect their phones. Knowing what an iPhone jailbreak entails and its advantages are the foremost considerations.

Basically, an iPhone jailbreak allows the iPhone device to launch apps and use themes that are not officially from Apple’s App Store. You can measure a successful jailbreak if it does not slow down the device regardless if it is an iPhone 4, iPod, or iPad. Successful jailbreaks allow your phone to function normally even after the process.

Commonly, the control of Apple using their iOS system is seen to be the reason why hackers and developers come up with the idea of jailbreaks. The limitations are not entirely bad, as it only intend to protect its system. But the restrictions in the appearance of the device and the limitations on the software installation can be too boring to some Apple device owners.

The jailbreak process removes several restrictions in iPhones and other similar devices. It allows the owner to customize their devices’ performance and looks. Over the internet, you can download and install applications and games that can be used by devices that undergone jailbreak process.

When talking about jailbreak, Cydia is a common term that always pops up as this is synonymous to the jailbreaks of Apple devices. Jail breaking is pointless if you don’t install Cydia. During the jailbreak, the device itself will install Cydia. It is a digital distribution platform from a third party provider. You can think of it as the ‘black market’ of the Apple App store that provides unauthorized apps as well as tweaked versions of applications from the Apple Store. You can obtain both paid and free apps from Cydia.

Another consideration with jailbreaks is the installation of apps. iPhones that went through the process of jailbreak can enjoy several apps that may include SBSettings that allows disabling of 3G and Wi-Fi in your phone. You can also use other icons within your phone through Shrink. This allows you to reduce sizes of the icons and lets you use more icons in the screen.

If you want to add more apps and widgets into your screen, you can always use IntelliscreenX. Another app, the MyWi app allows you to turn the iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot which allows other users to gain access to your Wi-Fi connection. On the other hand, the iFile app allows you easy access to your files in any format. This will make your reading, editing, and analyzing of files easier and accessible in your mobile device. Jailbreak will also allow iPhones that are not capable of video-chatting to do so on FaceTime.

Lastly, if you are wondering whether the process might kill your phone, then you should relieve yourself from the worry. The latest tools used in jailbreaking of iPhones are safe enough for your phones. It will not cause any issues in your device and it is easy and fast to use. So, if you want to explore the possibilities of what you can install in your iPhone that Apple App Store does not provide, try jailbreaking. You might be surprised to discover the endless possibilities that you can enjoy.


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