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Sad news for iPhone 3GS owners – Apple is no longer supporting this phone. Considered as the best phone during its time, iPhone 3GS will no longer be receiving any updates for new operating systems to come. Production for iPhone 3GS has been stopped since iPhone 5 has been released the last quarter of last year. The new mobile operating system iOS 7 is no longer covering iPhone 3GS. Therefore, this phone will be stuck forever running on iOS 6.1.x. But guess what? Apple recently removed the iOS version 6.1.x in iTunes, effectively removing any support from Apple for iPhone 3GS.

Question: So what if I encounter issues with iPhone 3GS?

If your phone encountered hardware issues, you may still be able to have it checked with any service center affiliated with Apple provided you still have warranty. But then if you encounter software issues and needed to have it restored to its factory default, then accept worst scenario – that the phone might not be able to be restored to working condition.


Because performing factory default reset needs assistance from iTunes, but since iTunes no longer has the necessary operating system of your phone, then it’s a dead point. You might want to consider trying to visit a service center as well to check whether they can perform a reset on older iOS.

Existing Support from Apple

Apple said that existing features, functions and connection to App Store are still available so there’s no need to worry. Good enough? Of course Apple will not stop supporting older devices, especially when it is an income generating process. But what Apple would like to point out is that since all features and functionalities of iPhone 3GS is already covered in the previous iOS, there is no need to include it in later iOS developments. But are all bugs previously experienced by iPhone 3GS users already fixed in iOS 6.1.3 and/or iOS 6.1.4?

Many viewed this as a way for Apple to save money in reducing financial activities on things that they could not generate income. Clearly, this cost-cutting move by Apple is one-sided. And aside from this non-support from Apple, app developers are slowly moving away from older devices, making new apps only on the latest technology that of course will generate income for them, though we cannot blame them since they just develop apps for consumers and not for Apple.


Since no more apps are designed for iPhone 3GS and who knows, app developers might be pulling out their apps in App Store, what will be the next big step to do? For most people, jailbreak is the best solution. Remember, Cydia offers more apps, themes and extensions compared to App Store. With Cydia still much available for older devices that Apple is no longer supporting, life for the 3gs goes on.

By jailbreaking iPhone 3GS, one is able to explore boundaries that Apple has restricted. Owners will be able to personalize their phone, and can even try to mimic the look and feel of iOS 7. No wonder, having an iPhone 3GS is not really a dud. Try and create the next best thing out of it – thru jailbreaking.

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