The Best Time to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS is Now!

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Now that Apple officially dropped the iPhone 3GS from the line of supported devices for the new operating system, the iOS version 7, it can no longer be able to avail the new look and feel that this brought to the supported devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Short and simple, it’s stuck with what it has now – the old features and functionalities made available with its current compatible iOS version, iOS 6.1.4. And so, what might be the next possible step to make this once wonderful phone keep up with the trends? The answer – jailbreak the phone.

Although jailbreaking has been available for quite some time now, many iPhone 3GS users still opted to stay with what Apple offers. Why? At one point, Apple declared that by jailbreaking the device, they will no longer honor the warranty, deeming it automatically void. This is in direct violation of the rules under warranty as there is no hardware altered during the process aside from the tweak made on the root system of the operating system which allows iPhone 3GS to came in contact with other sources of apps, themes and extensions like the alternative apps store Cydia.

Anyway, since the manufacture and distribution of iPhone 3GS has been stopped after the release of iPhone 5 September of last year (2012), and that the latest iOS version 7.0 does not have any support to this phone, some are already thinking of jailbreaking it. Good choice, indeed! Aside from having new applications that are not available in App Store, there are other options that will make iPhone 3GS comparable to the latest iOS version – without making the hardware suffer as what iPhone 4 owners reportedly experiencing after the upgrade to the new operating system.

Simply put, jailbreak offers alternative look and feel on the phone aside that is not possible while connected to Apple network alone. In fact, features and functionalities that once unavailable to iPhones, even to the newer ones, were made available after jailbreak. Such of these is the Control Center, multitasking, folder creation, changing icons among other things, which just recently, Apple decided to integrate with iOS 7.

Another fact is that iPhone 3GS owners experiencing bugs reported to have found tweaks and answers in applications they were able to download via Cydia, making it an instant answer to fixes previously unanswered by updates released by Apple.

And even while the phone is jailbroken, access to Apple stores like iTunes and App Store is still available, owners can still make the most out of what Apple might still offer.

Currently, jailbreak to iOS is only available up until iOS 6.1.3. But just recently, words came out that works are currently on the process in developing jailbreak for iOS 6.1.4 and will soon be made available. In fact, the jailbreak for iOS 6.1.4 might come earlier than that of iOS 7 which has been said to be on its initial stage of planning as of this writing.

Therefore, those iPhone 3GS users who are currently stuck on iOS 6.1.4 (Apple just recently removed the option to downgrade to older iOS version) will soon find its way to Cydia and be able to make their modifications on the look and feel of the phone.

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