The Enduring Beauty of iPhone 3GS

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Beauty comes when we decide to look for it. And it’s true that no matter how many new things are discovered and came to replace the old ones – it’s simply irresistible to forget the ones that astonished you the first time around. Comparing matured to a blooming flower; it too is true with our devices which many might think to be useless. Looking at the positive aspect of things, you will be astonished how easy and wonderful old things can do – everything comes back to life, like the first time you set your eyes on them.

Even when iPhone 3GS was finally retired by Apple, this once flagship phone that destroyed numbers in terms of sales – it is still alive and kicking. And even while it is no longer eligible to upgrade to the latest Apple mobile operating system, the iOS 7, it can still access the App Store which is the source of apps, themes, and extensions for Apple devices, as well as iTunes and other Apple-affiliated download sources.

Clearly, Apple has not completely abandoned its old devices such as the iPhone 3GS.  They just deemed it no longer feasible for the said device to upgrade as the phone’s hardware might not be able to cope with the higher system requirements needed to run the operating system properly.

Unlike the other older devices, iPhone 3GS is not that too far in terms of other hardware capabilities – in fact, most of the features and functionalities on the newer iPhones are just an upgrade of what is part of the former. Even the unmatched Siri started with iPhone 3GS, with its own voice recognition system that started it all. Apple also started to make their phones even faster with always twice as fast when creating a new device to replace the old ones.

The iPhone 3GS was one of the first that started the era of completely detaching from its old self – higher processor, larger memory, bigger screen display, among others. Multitasking was also introduced to make easy transition from one app to another.

And since iPhone 3GS was supported by the previous operating system, the iOS 6 (version 6.1.4 was the latest), we are assured that all features will work properly and with most bugs fixed with the latest iOS version.

Understanding how one’s device to work properly is one thing – making it more fun, enjoyable and giving its second wind is another thing. How? While system support has been stopped for this once frontrunner phone, it can still regain its once glorious days thru jailbreaking. By jailbreaking not only iPhone 3GS but almost all Apple devices – it is given with many gifts like adaptability, expanding the horizon, reaching the sky with its magnificent new offers for apps, themes and extensions.

Once locked with the old Apple environment, supported iPhones by iOS 7 enjoys new environment with the latest graphical user interface it brings – this has been an old tale in terms of jailbreaking. While Apple’s think tanks are still on their drawing board trying to test the things their phones can do, jailbreaking already exposed iPhone owners and other devices of the possibilities and horizons that it can carry.

So in case you want to make more out of your phone – simply try jailbreaking.

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