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iphone 4Hey guys, just a quick little post about some awesome 3g and 3gs jailbreak sites I found and tested. It can be pretty testing to find good information about Jailbreaking 3g and 3gs iPhones. There’s a lot of information out there, and it is confusing a lot of the times. Hard to know which ones work and which didn’t – so I compiled a list with the “best of”!

All the following programs will allow you to jailbreak your iPhone 3g or iPhone 3Gs automatically. They’re always maintained so they are up to date with the latest iOS and baseband and will work to jailbreak all iDevices – iPads, iPod Touch and Apple TV from all generations.

Why use one of these rather than do it yourself? Well, I was pretty worried about bricking my phone and the whole process being really difficult. Back in the day I tried to do it myself and messed it up. When jailbreaking by yourself, you also risk erasing your phone books and texts (again, that happened to me). Not worth the risks! Luckily, the solutions are super easy and very safe to use. I’ll leave the hacking up to the hackers – when I want to Jailbreak my phone, I want the easiest, most painless jailbreak around. With all the following you just plug the phone in, follow the guide (step after step with illustrations and screenshots) press the “GO” button and it does it all for you. Awesome!

Here are the best out there, starting from my absolute favorite:


1) iJailbreak Pro (9.5/10)

I love these guys. Their solution is just excellent – must see it to believe it. The guys that run that site are so helpful and will even advise you on which are the best jailbreak tweaks and apps that are out there. I really wanted to make my 3gs a wifi hotspot and tether my iPad, they had the solution. I wanted to change the look of my icons, one quick email and a solution was in my inbox an hour later. I’ve even got Pacman as my carrier logo now!

The software itself is great to use and very simple for a non-techie like me. I’ve used their software now to jailbreak an iPhone 3G, 2 iPhone 3Gs, my own iPad 2 and my girlfriend’s iPhone4. All very quickly and without issue. The whole process takes about 5 minutes from start to finish! Download, press a button and the phone reboots with a full jailbreak in place to download free apps from the app store, themes and a heap of really cool tweaks.

They even managed to unlock my 3gs, which was a really great bonus. Now whenever I travel I can use a local sim card and save hundreds in roaming fees. The other jailbreaks didn’t do that. They really are the one-stop shop.

Payments are all done with a safe payment gateway. You can even use Paypal, which I use for all of my online purchases. Their pricing is spot on and if unsatisfied, they will even give you your money back, no questions asked. Top service!

I give them a 9.5/10 – Checkout their site here.


2) Jailbreak Unlock (7/10)

I bought through these guys before finding iJailbreak Pro. Yes, it works but in my experience the support isn’t quite as good and the software was a little tricky to use. It took me much longer to jailbreak my phone, about 15 minutes.

You’ll get answers to your emails, but they generally take longer than 24 hours, which is frustrating when you’re at the computer and ready to go!

All in all, if iJailbreak Pro is down for whatever reason, they are a satisfactory substitute. The software is decent and it did work without bricking my phone.

I’ll give them a 7/10. Check out their site here.


3) iJailbreakTool (5/10) – UPDATE: iJailbreakTool is out of business and not selling anymore!

Their jailbreak works fine, but it’s a little bit clunky and support is just non-existent. There’s a lot of fake jailbreaks out there and thankfully this isn’t one, but it’s far from the best.

It took me about 30 minutes to jailbreak my phone with their software and had a couple of touch and go moments, but in the end it turned out alright. Their instructions were quite hard to follow and involved some pretty techie stuff. With a few tries, it did work though, so I have to give them a little bit of credit.

I’ll give them a 5/10


Hope that helps you guys out! I know I was confused at first but the guys at Unlock Easily really set me straight and helped me out a great deal. Enjoy your newly pimped out phone!

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