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It is confirmed – there will be no more support from the latest iOS 7 for iPhone 3GS according to the leaked reports from Apple. But not only that, the group of hackers who developed the jailbreak tool for the latest operating system created by Apple will no longer include iPhone 3GG – a double stab on the hearts of iPhone 3GS’ owners.

But not to worry, old jailbreak tools will still be able to support the said phone whenever the owner decided to. In fact, since the news about older Apple devices not getting any support from the new operating system started to leak, lots of iPhone 3GS owners have downloaded the latest working, untethered jailbreak tool that still supports their phone. The fact that it can no longer be updated thru iTunes does not depreciate the features that are currently installed on the phone. Besides, there is no supporting hardware available for the new features that were integrated on the latest iOS.

Apple has since dropped iPhone 3GS from its current roster of iPhones for sale since the inclusion of iPhone 5. And when the new iPhones arrive – that is iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, there’s a rumor roaming around that they will soon drop iPhone 4 from the market, with iPhone 4S taking the place of the free iPhone for a contract base. But that’s not all, there was a leaked report that iPhone 5, the predecessor of the latest iPhones, will be pulled out from the manufacturing table, leaving iPhone 4S as the last man standing from the current roster.

So now that iPhone 3GS is officially considered retired by its manufacturer, it does not mean that it will not be able to access App Store. However, since the advancement of technology goes with the changes and updates of apps, themes and extensions that can be downloaded from this market, one cannot be assured that there will stills be lots of items supporting and compatible with iPhone 3GS. Fact is some or perhaps most of the app developers might also retire their apps since there are new iPhones to be supported. A pullout is necessary for them not to incur additional posting charges for a non-contributing app.

But not with Cydia, the counterpart of App Store once a jailbreak is performed. Cydia offers apps, themes and extensions tenfold compared to what App Store offers. There are several reasons why Cydia offers more options compared to App Store: aside from app developers believing in the freedom of creating whatever they think will be loved by users, will get no scrutiny from distributors. Most apps that did not pass the criteria and requirement of Apple go another marketing route and one channel is Cydia. Some app developers who successfully passed Apple’s accreditation also post their apps in Cydia for extra income.

With these options to choose from, no doubt you’ll be able to find something that will suit your need of apps to install and enjoy on your iPhone 3GS. And while Apple charges posting of apps on App Store, Cydia does not. Therefore, app developers are not afraid of losing money; they just wait for their monetary gains every time someone downloads their app in Cydia.

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