Why Use a Premium Solution to Jailbreak iPhone 3G/3Gs

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One of the reasons why choosing to jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs has received such a bad reputation is due to all the problems people have had doing it. From their perspective, these claims are valid – although, they are very misguided. Much of the problems that arise from jailbreaking of an iPhone 3g/3gs device stem from using bad software. In general, bad jailbreaking software is free jailbreaking software. There are thousands of different free jailbreaking software on the World Wide Web, all which promise fast and easy jailbreaking installation. Unfortunately, many of these free software’s are scams that may result in iPhones becoming bricked or, worse, iPhones becoming vulnerable to hackers (whom will happily take a users personal information). Why use premium iPhone 3g/3gs jailbreak software? The following reasons are few of the better ones:

Security: One of the biggest benefits with using premium jailbreak software, and avoiding a tedious how to jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs process, is the strength of security that is included in the process. Since security protocols have to be removed when jailbreaking an iPhone, it’s vital that they are replaced by new ones. With paid jailbreak software, new security codes are placed on the iPhone to avoid any hackers from stealing personal and private information.
Avoid ‘Bricking’: The biggest complaint people have with their iPhone 3g/3gs jailbreak is that it caused their phone to become disabled. This happens when the firmware of the phone and the firmware of the jailbreaking software don’t match up. This often happens when free jailbreaking software is used. With a premium solution the chance of an iPhone becoming ‘bricked’ is close to zero (as they’ll make sure that the firmware’s match accordingly).

Full Access: The reason why a person chooses to jailbreak their iPhone 3g/3gs is because they want access to all the unique features the jailbreaking process offers. For instance, a iPhone 3g/3gs gives users complete access to the Cydia App Store. The Cydia Application store is the equivalent to the Apple store in many ways. It has a similar design. It has a similar abundance of useful apps. It… well, you get the idea. The major difference between the two store is that the Cydia app store has apps that are specifically designed for a jailbroken iPhone 3g/3gs mobile device. What this means is that by choosing a premium solution you’ll be guaranteeing access to numerous high-power, unique apps that are designed to make the iPhone experience that much better.

Efficient and Effective: Have you ever looked at the how to jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs guide? The manual version is very long and very tedious; often, it results in failure, the consequence being a disabled and useless iPhone. By using a premium iPhone 3g/3gs jailbreak solution the process is entirely automated and completely effective. For a small fee, hours of trouble and annoyance can be saved.

Best Apps For iPhone 3g/3gs Jailbreak:

Without a doubt one of the biggest benefits of using an iPhone 3g/3gs jailbreak is receiving access to the Cydia application store. The Cydia app store is equivalent to the Apple store in many ways – it has similar design, similar pricing, as well as similar apps – but what makes it stand apart is the applications it has that the Apple store doesn’t have. For instance, the apps within the Cydia store are purposely designed to use the features and power that had been previously limited by Apple. This means that many of the applications available for download are designed with this potential in mind. Some of the best apps are:

Infinifolders: Infinifolders is one of the best examples of why people should choose to jailbreak iPhone 3g/3gs. It’s also a prime example of what makes the Cydia application store so popular. Infinifolders is an app that fully utilizes the new potential presented from using an iPhone 3g/3gs jailbreak. Instead of having to use the limitation of only 12 applications per folder on an iPhone device, users can, with Infinifolders, use as many applications as they’d like. If you want to put 100 apps in folder – you can.

Wi-Fi Synch: Without a doubt one of the best reasons to jailbreak an iPhone device is because of the app Wi-Fi synch. Wi-Fi synch allows for users to synch their iPhones wireless to their home computers. It’s simple and powerful.
New Settings: Users can easily download from the app store countless new settings and features that not only make the iPhone look better, but also make it run better. For example, users can download new Wi-Fi settings that allow for access to multiple home wireless signals; furthermore, GPS signalling is that much easier to connect to and use with an app downloaded from the Cydia application store. All in all, there are many different setting apps that can be used to improve an iPhone 3G/3Gs.

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